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Managed Third Party Security Service

Strengthening trust and transparency across your third-party relationship.  Companies depend on third-party service providers to host or manage financial and non-financial information. Businesses stay competitive by using multiple customer and vendor relationships and accessing specialised solutions and skills. This advantage, however, offers challenges around third-party data security, proliferating regulatory and compliance requirements.  Your management, board and shareholders demand confidence in the controls and compliance capabilities of suppliers, vendors and service organisations. Service organisations must demonstrate that they have proper internal controls in place when they host or process your data.

This service provides an in-depth, expert-led assessment of your Third-Party suppliers’ security position. By bringing together industry-specific skills in technology, regulatory compliance, financial and accounting and other business processes, our TPS Team can perform controls-based engagements to help you assess your third-party risk management exposure and assess supplier suitability.

Providing Assurance Through Independent Controls Reporting: companies can effectively communicate accurate information about their risk management and controls framework through a System and Organisation Controls (SOC) report. Via a broad range of Assurance Reporting services (SOC 1, SOC 2 and 3, SOC 2+ and Agreed Upon Procedures).

Service Features

High-level strategic, Third Party Security roadmap and program development.

Assessment Report on analysis of your vendor’s security position.

Risk scoring and prioritised recommendations for remediation.

Independent verification of your Third-Party supply chain security.

Objective reporting that expresses an opinion about your control environment.

Assess your control posture, and build better protections across your business.

Provide the assurance your customers, suppliers, regulators, other stakeholders need.

Minimise disruption to your business with efficient procurement support.

Service Benefits


Gain peace of mind through Independent Assurance of your suppliers.

Determine areas of risk measured against potential business impact

Define Third-Party Security programme to mitigate business exposure.

Control costs, mitigate risk and enhance trust and transparency.

Getting Started

During a Client engagement our Consultants pass through six key phases that form the anatomy of how we manage a typical consulting project.  We appreciate every assignment is different, so we have flexible processes in place to bring our experts onboard quickly and effectively without disrupting existing work programmes. We are happy to provide our services at any stage of the lifecycle.

Cyber Security Engagement Lifecycle

Pragmatic & Business Focused Security Consultancy Services

We deliver security capability at all levels of an organisation and are on hand to help ensure that your projects deliver solutions
that are appropriately aligned to your cyber security risk position and satisfy your regulatory compliance requirements.
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