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Remote Security Consultancy & AI Advisory Services

Remote consultancy services providing SaaS enabled remote collaboration between our consultants and our clients project SME stakeholders.

Our Cyber Security and AI consultancy services can be delivered remotely for clients worldwide or for UK based clients that require remote working options. These flexible services are proving to be a big success with CIOs and CISOs, and our MODUS Platform has been key in helping transformation programmes and IT departments overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 restrictions. Our MODUS Platform supports continuous stakeholder engagement and collaboration between our security and artificial intelligence consultants and project SMEs, on Security, AI, and Data Privacy due diligence activities that projects need to support delivery milestones and approval gates. Our remote consultancy services help clients to meet their regulatory and compliance requirements, and also contributes to our client’s ability to achieve their sustainability and social value targets.

MODUS enables us to deliver project deliverables such as Risk Assessments, Security Audits, 3rd Party Security Assessments, AI Ethics Risk and Governance Assessments, Data Privacy Impact Assessments, Data Readiness for AI, Cloud Security Assessments, and many other services to our client’s worldwide using any Framework and Standard as required. To discuss how our remote security consultancy and AI advisory services can help your organisation please schedule some time to speak with one of our team.

Remote Security Consultancy & AI Advisory Services Features & Benefits

Offers flexible and remote working helping projects to stay on course whilst overcoming COVID-19 Restrictions.

MODUS helps our Clients meet their sustainability and social value objectives.

Enables Rapid Consultant Mobilisation & Project Engagement

Delivers Consistent & Repeatable Outcomes against Global Frameworks & Standards

Client Specific Security Standards & Frameworks can be loaded

Includes Features that Provide Measurable Risk and Security Performance Analysis & Assessment Outcomes

All Client Data is encrypted at rest, both database and uploaded documents

MODUS hosted on an ISO27001 & Cyber Essentials (Plus) Certified facility

Frameworks & Standards

Standard Suite of Frameworks and Standards supported by MODUS Tools include those listed below. Any Assessments for Frameworks and Standards not listed here that the Customer Authority requires, can be added to MODUS inclusive of monthly subscription.

  • ISO217001/2 Controls Implementation/Audit
  • NCSC NIS Directive
  • NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) & NIST 800 Series of Controls
  • Centre for Internet Security (CIS) Critical Security Controls
  • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM)
  • Product Team Cloud Security Effectiveness Assessment
  • The HMG Minimum Security Standard
  • Government Functional Standard (GovS007:Security)
  • Enhanced 3rd Party Security Assessment
  • GDPR Controller Assessment
  • GDPR Processor Assessment
  • GDPR Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • GDPR Privacy by Design Assessment
  • Data Due Diligence – Ethics Risk and Governance (ERG) Assessment
  • Artificial Intelligence Programme Data Due Diligence Assessment
  • IASME Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus


Example Screenshots of how our ‘MODUS’ Platform enables Security Programme Management


Remote Security Consultancy Services


Cyber Security & Data Privacy Framework Assessments Available on our ‘MODUS’ Platform

MODUS Cyber Security & Data Privacy Framework Assessments


Example of a User View of an Assessment on our ‘MODUS’ Platform


MODUS – Enabling Effective Security Engagement Across the Delivery Lifecycle

MODUS Delivering Across Frameworks and Remote Security Consultancy Services


Pragmatic & Business Focused Remote Security Consultancy & AI Advisory Services

We deliver security and AI capability at all levels of an organisation and are on hand to help ensure that your projects deliver solutions that are appropriately aligned to your risk position and satisfy your regulatory compliance requirements. Learn more about how our remote security consultancy and AI advisory services can help you achieve your critical priorities:

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