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Managed CISO-as-a-SERVICE


Organisations that are serious about security face the challenge of finding a CISO who has the right skills and knowledge. Someone must own the security and compliance strategy, but the requirement can extend beyond the expertise of operational IT and security managers. However, investing in a full-time CISO can have its disadvantages, too. What happens when the CISO is ill, goes on holiday or is not up to date with the latest legislation or cyber threats?  The cyber security skills gap is broadening every year and limited available talent can also keep a full-time CISO from functioning effectively and seeing the bigger picture. Most CISOs will face the serious challenge of having too few team members and not enough experienced technical talent.


CISO-As-A-Service (CISOaaS) can provide your organisation with a cost-effective way of maintaining your information security systems information risk position. It offers an extension to your organisation’s information security capabilities. Deliver an ongoing security presence and ensure risks and incidents are reduced before they can cause unacceptable business losses. CISOaaS can help an organisation identify its current information security maturity, the threat landscape, what needs to be protected and the level of protection required, as well as the regulatory requirements that need to be satisfied. The CISO will put together an information security strategy ensuring that the basics are implemented and maintained, risks are reduced, whilst continuously improving the maturity of the information security function.

CISOaaS Key Capabilities


Prioritises business operations and information assets for the organisation, and ensures that security, resources and budgets are fully aligned to execute these piorities.


Understands the implications of new or emerging threats and creates a risk-based strategic roadmap to align cyber security efforts with corporate risk appetite.

Technology Integrator

Experienced Certified Cyber Professionals who also possess a proven systems engineering background. Our CISOaaS can engage productively with your technical specialists, and the Executive Board.

Data Breach Prevention

Providing your business with a catalyst for effective security risk management. Your CISOaaS will prioritise data breach prevention whilst driving improvements to the overall security programme.

The Benefits Of Our CISOaaS

CISOaaS can help you acquire this expertise without the drawbacks. It allows your organisation to cost-effectively access strategic security experience and technical skills, gaining all the benefits without the capital expenditure (salary, hiring costs, sick pay, holiday pay, training costs and potential redundancy payments). This enables your organisation to build and maintain an ISMS (information security management system) and take a risk-driven approach to protect sensitive assets, supported by your in-house IT team. Access a pool of experienced, specialised, senior cyber security professionals. Access resources quickly and eliminate the need to attract and retain talent.

  • Our CISOaaS is supported by our specifically designed SaaS platform, which means CISOaaS can be delivered remotely if necessary;
  • Lower your costs by only paying for the support required;
  • Reduce your risk by enhancing your cyber and information strategy with a clearly defined road map;
  • Experienced in communicating Security to all types of senior executives, board members and non-technical senior staff;
  • Our independent perspective and credibility can help secure cross-business support and achieve your information security goals.

The Cost Advantage Of CISOaaS


The cyber security skills shortage is not only real – it is one of the biggest challenges IT leaders face today. As cyber security risks become more complex, it is difficult to find trained personnel who are both cyber information security professionals and affordable.

PayScale reports that average pay for a CISO in the UK is £100,000 (including bonuses). In SMEs, at the top end this can stretch to £280,000. Long-term retention of those employees is almost impossible as they are always being poached by other organisations. It will likely take 3–5 months and an investment of 15–20% of the right candidate’s first-year salary to find them. Given that a breach is a matter of when, not if, organisations that hire a CISO can protect their cash flow. A Ponemon Institute study found that the appointment of a CISO reduced the cost of a breach by £5 per record.

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Getting Started

During a Client engagement our Consultants pass through six key phases that form the anatomy of how we manage a typical consulting project.  We appreciate every assignment is different, so we have flexible processes in place to bring our experts onboard quickly and effectively without disrupting existing work programmes. We are happy to provide our services at any stage of the lifecycle.

Cyber Security Engagement Lifecycle

Pragmatic & Business Focused Security Consultancy Services

We deliver security capability at all levels of an organisation and are on hand to help ensure that your projects deliver solutions
that are appropriately aligned to your cyber security risk position and satisfy your regulatory compliance requirements.
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