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AI Strategy Advisory Service


Embedding Artifical Intelligence (AI) into corporate strategy and governance does not need to be overwhelming. As with other technological developments a company needs to understand the competitive landscape, evaluate the risks, identify the controls, and build organisational talent and resilience to deploy the proper strategy and governance for AI. The successful implementation of AI and ML solutions depend on technical as well as organisational factors, and an organisation’s stage of AI maturity will determine the business value it can unlock from AI solutions. To support the success of an organisations AI strategy there needs to be a clearly defined operating model, governance structure, accountability, and responsibility.


Our AI Strategy Advisory Service is designed to help organisations establish a strategy for trustworthy, explainable, and responsible AI, and to manage the development of an AI strategy that meets business requirements and strategic objectives. Our service delivers an in-depth, expert-led assessment of an organisations use case opportunities, stage of AI maturity, data and data strategy, ethics guidelines, and levels of risk and control. Our AI Strategy tools enable consistent and meaningful results that will help your organisation develop an integrated AI strategy to drive valuable top and bottom-line improvements.



Service Features

The AI Strategy Advisory Service can comprises of a variety of key deliverables including :

Identify Use Cases for AI in the business, and rank use cases to understand their ROI potential.

AI Capability Maturity Assessment.

Data and Data Strategy Assessment.

Responsible AI Assessment.

AI Ethics and Legal Assessment.

AI Vendor Assessment and Selection.

Risk Assessment.

Delivery of the AI Roadmap.

Service Benefits

Build an optimised AI Strategy that provide clear direction for your organisations AI growth.

Prioritise AI projects with data backed precision to support mission critical AI priorities.

Create intelligent products and services and streamline relationships with consumers.

Map, assess, and choose AI vendors based on viability and accessibility of their solutions.

Maximise ROI from use cases, and reduce costs through the automation of repetitive business tasks and/or manufacturing processes.

Improve employee efficiency and mitigate the impact of information overload and capacity constraints on the quality of decisions.

Espouse a corporate identity in AI social responsibility by embedding Ethics Governance in all that you do.

Build a culture that focuses on the legal, political, social, environmental, and economical implications of AI.

Getting Started

During a Client engagement our Consultants pass through six key phases that form the anatomy of how we manage a typical consulting project.  We appreciate every assignment is different, so we have flexible processes in place to bring our experts onboard quickly and effectively without disrupting existing work programmes. We are happy to provide our services at any stage of the lifecycle.

AI Service Engagement Lifecycle

Helping You Build An AI Enabled Organisation

 AI can be used by organisations to provide new goods and services, boost productivity, enhance competitiveness, ultimately leading to economic growth and better quality of life.
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