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AI Ethics Risk & Governance Service


The exponential growth in data and computing power has fuelled the advancement of data-driven technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI applications have penetrated various industries, from automotive, healthcare, and financial services to software, robotics, and electronics. AI can be used by organisations to provide new goods and services, boost productivity, enhance competitiveness, ultimately leading to economic growth and better quality of life. However as with any new technology, AI also introduces new ethical, legal, and governance challenges. To survive and thrive in the coming mega-disruption, boards and C-suites must proactively deal with the AI challenge and opportunity.


We can help your organisation to establish a framework for trustworthy, explainable, and responsible AI, and to manage the development of an AI solution that meets business requirements and strategic objectives. Our industry leading AI Ethics Risk and Governance tools have been proven to save huge amounts of time, effort and expense while tackling complex AI projects. Our tools enable consistent and meaningful results that will help your organisation develop the right AI solutions for society, while increasing business value.

 Service Description

Using our proprietary AI Ethics Risk & Governance Assessment tools we help organisations understand and prioritise the actions that will have the greatest impact on AI in their unique context and understand the debates that guide AI regulation.

Our service helps:

  • Evaluate an organisations ethical AI postioin in relation to Human Agency & Oversight, Technical Robustness & Safety, Privacy & Data Governance, Transparency & Explainability, Fairness & Non-Discrimination, Societal & Environmental Well-being, Accountability, and Corporate Responsibility & Best Practices.
  • Set out clear principles for how data should be used, what pieces of legislation, codes of practice and guidance apply to the AI projects, and set standards for transparency and accountability when building or buying AI decision systems.
  • Identify and mitigate new risks and bias from AI and advise on how to effect the changes required to policies and design principles to ensure safe and responsible AI.
  • Develop or improve an ethical AI governance framework, ensuring that AI products will comply with organisational and social expectations, maximising organisation and social value in a responsible manner, while minimising adoption risks.
  • Accelerate adoption and provide a systematic approach to assessing AI risks and formulating a structured AI risk management plan.

Service Benefits

Baseline risk assessment on your AI programme, outlining impact assessment to drive improvements.

Optimised design, deployment and lifecycle management framework providing clear direction for your organisations AI growth.

Provides ways to identify and measure privacy controls in your organisations systems utilising privacy impact assessments.

Eliminate issues of negative bias in models, and guard against unintended consequences.

Develop methodology, architectural standards, and other technical and data documentation to support the development of AI solutions.

Bake in transparency in a clear, structured way to help your organisation to adjust to what may be inevitable demands for that transparency.

Espouse a corporate identity in social AI responsibility by embedding risk, ethics, and governance in all that you do.

Build a culture that focuses on the legal, political, social, environmental, and economical implications of AI.

Build trust and goodwill with consumers and regulators.

Be ready for AI ethics, risk, and governance audits before they become a compliance burden.

Attract top AI talent through clearly defined ethical and socially responsible AI principles.

Retain top AI talent by providing clearly defined rules of engagement, while promoting innovation in AI and ML.

Getting Started

During a Client engagement our Consultants pass through six key phases that form the anatomy of how we manage a typical consulting project.  We appreciate every assignment is different, so we have flexible processes in place to bring our experts onboard quickly and effectively without disrupting existing work programmes. We are happy to provide our services at any stage of the lifecycle.

AI Service Engagement Lifecycle

Helping You Build An AI Enabled Organisation

 AI can be used by organisations to provide new goods and services, boost productivity, enhance competitiveness, ultimately leading to economic growth and better quality of life.
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