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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisory Services

The exponential growth in data and computing power has fuelled the advancement of data-driven technologies such as AI & Machine Learning. AI applications have penetrated various industries, from automotive, healthcare, and financial services to software, robotics, and electronics.  AI can be used by organisations to provide new goods and services, boost productivity, enhance competitiveness, ultimately leading to economic growth and better quality of life. As with any new technology, however, AI also introduces new risk, ethical, legal, and governance challenges. To survive and thrive in the coming mega-disruption, boards and C-suites must proactively deal with the AI challenge and opportunity. Embedding AI into corporate strategy and governance does not need to be overwhelming. As with other technological developments, a company needs to understand the competitive landscape, evaluate the risks, identify the controls, and build organisational talent and resilience to deploy the proper strategy and governance for AI. We provide a suite of AI Advisory Services to help organisations with the development and deployment of their AI strategy, products, and services.

Our AI Services

AI Maturity Assessment

Identifying the areas with the biggest potential to enhance AI utilisation, and the policies and principals needed to establish AI capabilities are major challenges for many organisations. Operationalising AI requires more than determining what pain points can be eliminated using AI. It requires focus and investment across multiple domains – data, strategy, product and service development, ethics and governance, technology, and organisation and culture. Each domain should be designed help organisations understand and prioritise the actions that will have the greatest impact in their unique context.

Our proprietary AI Maturity Assessment tools help organisations understand their level of AI Maturity; assess their ability to adopt AI across each of the domains – data, strategy, product and service development, ethics and governance, technology, and organisation and culture; how to level up their maturity across each of the domains; determine which domains provide the critical leverage needed to achieve impact with AI; understand what projects are best suited to their level of AI Maturity; and develop a plan to move forward. By addressing each of these areas an organisation will increase its probability of success. After undertaking an AI Maturity Assessment clients typically find some areas need further attention. Our AI Data Readiness, AI Ethics Risk and Governance, A/IS Product Development, and other AI Advisory services can be used to drill down into specific areas and create an action plan to address the problems they are trying to solve. All of our AI services have been designed to be part of our ‘AI Enabled Business’ framework to help you understand where you are in your AI journey and implement the changes needed to deliver Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS).


AI Data Readiness Assessment


Having the ability to harness and operationalise data at scale is fundamental to building AI applications. However with the vast amount of organised and unorganised data available, teams need solutions to enable the underlying data to successfully support A/IS use cases. Insufficient training data, lack of a data strategy, data quality, poor data governance, and misalignment to business priorities are among the most common reasons why AI projects fail.

To combat this and help our clients leverage the power of AI, we used our extensive data and A/IS experience and developed our proprietary AI Data Readiness Assessment tools to help organisations – accelerate data acquisition and processing the data needed to develop effective prototypes and algorithms; ensure rules and processes are established detailing how this data is sourced, managed, accessed, and used across the business; develop a balanced dataset that has the required characteristics to address the use case, minimise bias and produce training data labelled with a high degree of accuracy; understand the origin of the data and the functions through which it passes, and structure the data appropriately to support access, speed, resilience and compliance objectives; optimise the accessibility of data, implement safeguards, and store and structure data optimally so it can be reused and shared; and implement robust data management and security processes, addressing data quality, ethics, privacy, and ownership requirements. The AI Data Readiness Assessment is a foundational step for developing an effective AI Data Strategy that identifies high ROI AI projects, assess AI opportunities, and guides the overall AI strategy.

AI Ethics Risk & Governance Assessment

As the use and impact of Autonomous and Intelligent systems (A/IS) become pervasive, there is a growing need for organisations to become more ethically aware, increase levels of transparency, create a sustainable culture of AI ethics, and mitigate bias within their A/IS. Adopting and practising an ethics by design approach is a critical differentiator for organisations, it can help build trust with stakeholders employees and customers, avoid a business or communications crisis, and build competitive advantage. Business leaders understand the value that A/IS can bring, and the risk of ignoring the ethical AI issue.

Using our proprietary AI Ethics Risk & Governance tools we help organisations understand and prioritise the actions that will have the greatest impact on AI in their unique context, and understand the debates that guide AI regulation. Our services help – set out clear principles for how data should be used, what pieces of legislation, codes of practice and guidance apply to your AI projects; set standards for transparency and accountability when building or buying AI decision systems; identify and mitigate new risks and bias from AI and advise on how to effect the changes required to policies and design principles to ensure safe and responsible AI; develop or improve an ethical AI governance framework, ensuring that AI products will comply with organisational and social expectations, maximising organisation and social value in a responsible manner, while minimising adoption risks, and accelerating adoption; and provide a systematic approach to assessing AI risks and formulating a structured AI risk management plan. Our team of AI Consultants provide consultation on the overall process of AI Ethics and Governance.


AI risk ethics and governance

A/IS Product Development


AI product development

A/IS Product Development focuses on using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) or Deep Learning (DL) to enhance, improve, create, and shape products. Successful A/IS Product Development is about uncovering the right data and then figuring out how to use that data to design an innovative product that delights customers and drives business objectives.

Our A/IS Product Development Service is designed to help Product Teams, Project Teams, and other stakeholders to understand and prioritise the actions that will have the greatest impact on an A/IS program in their unique context. It will help to undertake a technology assessment, develop a business case for the product, define success metrics, scope the dataset, plan the model development, and build a post deployment monitoring plan for best in class results. Whether the demand is for an initial Proof of Concept (POC), or bringing a new AI product through the development, pilot, and production phases, our A/IS Product Development Advisory Service will help you get answers to questions about the viability and impact of an A/IS product/ service to your organisation and/or your consumers. Using our proprietary A/IS Product Development tools key help clients – identify business cases that can benefit from AI technologies and that will produce the desired ROI; feature engineering, and analysis of the available data; define success metrics for the product; implement best practices for designing the datasets and product protypes; build predictive models; compare the performance of different models using suitable metrics; and prototype, test, and iterate on the product.

A/IS Project Deployment

It is not easy for organisations to incorporate A/IS into their existing Business Intelligence (BI) systems. However combining A/IS with BI can have a widespread impact on the insights an organisation can get from its data. We provide experienced AI leadership and a safe hand to help marshal the delivery of your AI projects. Our A/IS Project Deployment service provides a catalyst for effective project management by enabling a systematic approach to capability delivery in your AI conscious organisation. Whether you have an in-house or third-party team, our consultants will guide you on how to integrate AI in your organisation to ensure your implementation is a success.

Our A/IS Project Deployment Service help with the development of a business case for the project, defining the success metrics, scoping the work required, looking at the risks involved and managing those risks, dealing with changes, and ensuring the project delivers the expected outcomes and benefits. Features of this service include – identify high ROI A/IS projects and help determine the business value and feasibility of the projects; conduct technical, business, and ethical due diligence of the AI project; support implementation of best practices for data collection and data normalisation; oversee engineering and roll out of Proof of Concept (POC); implementation and management of AI Pilot deployment; investigation and resolution recommendations for any A/IS project problems; comparison and evaluation of the performance of learned model/s using suitable metrics; A/IS Delivery Assurance and Quality Assurance to ensure projects deliver expected results; and change management and transformation support.


AI project deployment

AI Strategy Development


AI strategy

Our AI Strategy Advisory Service is designed to help organisations establish a strategy for trustworthy, explainable, and responsible AI, and to manage the development of an AI strategy that meets business requirements and strategic objectives. Depending on organisational requirements the AI Strategy Advisory Service can comprises of a variety of key deliverables including Identify Use Cases for AI in the business, assess AI capability, AI Data Readiness and Data Strategy development, AI Ethics Risk and Governance alignment, AI technology tools, infrastructure, and workflow planning, skills and capacity requirements, AI Implementation & Change Management, and delivery of the AI Roadmap.

Our service helps organisations – build optimised AI Strategy that provides clear direction for organisational growth; prioritise AI projects with data backed precision to support mission critical AI priorities; maximise ROI from use cases; create intelligent products and services and improve/ streamline relationships with clients – cost reduction through the automation of repetitive business tasks and/or manufacturing process; map AI vendors, identify the solutions that support organisational objectives, assess time and cost requirements of each solution, and choose vendor/s based on viability and accessibility of their solution/s; improve employee efficiency and mitigate the impact of information overload and capacity constraints on the quality of decisions; espouse a corporate identity in AI social responsibility by embedding AI Ethics and Governance in all that you do; build a culture of ethical AI development that focuses on the legal, political, social, environmental, and economical implications of AI; and attract and retain top talent while promoting innovation in A/IS.

Getting Started

During a Client engagement our Consultants pass through five key phases that form the anatomy of how we manage a typical consulting project.  We appreciate every assignment is different, so we have flexible processes in place to bring our experts onboard quickly and effectively without disrupting existing work programmes. We are happy to provide our services at any stage of the lifecycle.

AI Service Engagement Lifecycle

Helping You Build An AI Enabled Organisation

 AI can be used by organisations to provide new goods and services, boost productivity, enhance competitiveness, ultimately leading to economic growth and better quality of life.
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