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About Us

We a leading provider of Cyber Security & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consultancy Services.

Established in 2012 when the founder set up a lean, responsive Cyber Security Consultancy to simplify cyber and cloud security for organisations undertaking digital transformation programmes. Since then we have extended our capability to address the technologies that are changing the landscape of how businesses work.

Our demonstrable experience in Business Transformation, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Services, Project Delivery Support, and Product Management, is helping organisations grow shareholder value and improve efficiency, and helping people raise their potential through new opportunities and ways of working. Our highly qualified team can deliver Cyber Security and AI capability at all levels of your organisation and are on hand to help ensure your projects deliver solutions that are appropriately aligned to your cyber security or AI risk position, and meet technical, business and ethics due diligence requirements.

Our Mission

To simplify Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence for organisations undertaking digital transformation, and help them address the challenges that are changing the landscape of how businesses work.

Our Core Values

Our goal is for everything we do to live up to the tenets of our core values. These are what we care about, and what helps us deliver an impeccable service to our clients.

Customer Commitment

We believe our clients success is key to our success, and that quality and integrity should underpin all engagements with our clients and community partners.

Leadership By Example

That we all promote our values through our behaviour, be honest, be accountable, and recognise that all of us can impact results in a positive way.

Passion For Our Work

We love what we do, and through our passion for technology we are committed to continuous improvement of our skills and knowledge.

Build Trusted Communities

Take time to understand the needs of our communities, always seek feedback, and help people raise their potential through new opportunities and ways of working.

Our Management Team

Founder and Head of Consultancy Services

Jay’s ability to quickly assess and assimilate client’s business context and engage over common interests with the board and on the challenges faced by Stakeholders in the IT change organisation is validated by a successful track record of delivery in a diverse range of engagements. His measured and calm execution style inspires trust and confidence from CIOs responsible for delivering IT and business transformation.
His commitment to delivering value stems from his early Army career as an Intelligence and Security specialist, where he served in several overseas operational deployments. Amongst his many operational tours of duty, Jay worked in various Intelligence and Security roles where his skills in information exploitation helped to ensure that allied operational planning was informed by credible and accurate Intelligence. After leaving the Army, Jay worked for some Large System Integrators as a CLAS Consultant delivering many Government & Defence programmes and in 2012, he formed Cyber Smart Consulting to simplify the world of cyber and cloud security with a portfolio of services designed for Private and Public sector Organisations. As the Head of the Security Practice at Cyber Smart Consulting Jay leads a team of Security Architects and Security Risk Advisors to deliver a portfolio of Cyber & Cloud Security Architecture, & Risk services.

Jay Pope Cyber Smart Consulting

Managing Director and Lead AI Consultant

Shirley helps clients realise the business benefits of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS) through high quality program leadership that provides the accountability needed to help build more mature AI-enabled businesses. With 20+ years background in AI/S, Cyber Security, Product Development, and Business Management she joined Cyber Smart Consulting in 2016 to extend the consultancy capability and address the technologies that are changing the landscape of how business work. Her areas of specialisation include AI Ethics, Data Governance, A/IS Product Development, and AI Business Optimisation. She has developed several industry leading A/IS SaaS based consultancy tools that are being leveraged by organisations around the world to deliver solutions that meet technical, business and ethics due diligence requirements. She is passionate about working with clients looking to transform their data landscape to maximise business benefits and sustain process improvements through the power of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS), and to provide more transparent, adoptive, ethical and profitable AI solutions.

Shirley O Sullivan Cyber Smart Consulting

Our Consultants

All our Consultants undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that they possess the right depth and breadth of skills, and that they can apply them with an appropriate measure of business focus needed by our clients. Our Security Consultants possess at least 5 years’ experience of supporting development in a variety of delivery environments and governance models. They have proven expertise in enterprise and solutions architecture technology platforms and compliance frameworks including AWS Cloud Security, Azure Cloud, GCP, NIST CSF, ISO/IEC: 27001, COBiT, PCI/DSS, GDPR, the Security Policy Framework (SPF), the Defence Manual of Security (JSP440) and NCSC Guidance Portfolio.

Our AI Consultants help clients realise the business benefits of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS) through high quality program leadership that delivers due diligence outcomes that include; A/IS product vision, comprehensive A/IS product development plans, AI Maturity metrics, AI Ethics requirements, and data governance that provides the accountability needed to build a more mature AI-enabled business. They all adopt an objective and pragmatic approach that balances technology risk with a business focus, and are fully conversant with a variety of tools & frameworks, used by organisations across all industry verticals.

We also have access to extensive base of NSVA cleared security professionals and consultants experienced in implementing and working to Global Security Standards as well as National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Standards.


Our Consultants are specially selected for their specific skills and experience. Therefore, we are able to offer a broad portfolio of specialist services that include:

  • Consultancy to CISOs & Leadership
  • Security & GRC Strategy & Roadmaps
  • Technical Risk Assessment & Management
  • Data breach prevention strategies
  • Infra & Web App Pen Testing Programmes
  • Advise SDLC & DevSecOps Product Groups
  • Cloud Transformation Security
  • Foresight of Integration & Data Management
  • AI Ethics, Risk, & Governance Services
  • Secure Data Due-Diligence in AI Deployment
  • Operational Technology Systems Security
  • Transformation & Capability Programmes

our consultants


Our Services

Security Consultancy Services

We offer a range of cyber security consultancy and managed service offerings that help secure your company’s Information Systems, lower your operating costs and improve your business’s value.  We deliver security capability at all levels of an organisation and are on hand to help ensure that your projects deliver solutions that are appropriately aligned to your cyber security risk position.

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AI Services

We work with clients looking to transform their data landscape to maximise business benefits and sustain process improvements through the power of AI.  We specialise in helping them realise the business benefits of AI by defining a clear enterprise vision, product plan, accountability, definition of metrics, and ethics requirements, and governance that progresses the AI journey whilst satisfying functional and nonfunctional due diligence requirements.

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Our Cyber Security and AI consultancy services can be delivered remotely for clients worldwide or for UK based clients that require remote working options. These flexible services provide SaaS enabled remote collaboration between our consultants and our clients project SME stakeholders. Our MODUS Platform ensures continuous stakeholder engagement and collaboration to support delivery milestones.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Met All Deadlines

“Cyber Smart Consulting helped us with the rapid ramp up of our business in the UK. Even though our timelines were aggressive they sourced a top notch security team and met our requirements at every stage of the process. Great organisation who were a pleasure to work with.”


Fintech Start-up

Excellent Support

“Excellent support from Cyber Smart Consulting. The team steered two significant network programmes through security accreditation. Diligent and highly organised, the team marshalled a compelling set of security evidence that anticipated and overcame queries & objections. Under Jay’s guidance, security appeared just not to be an issue. This is no minor feat in the customer’s environment.”

MoD Programme Director

Public Sector Organisation

Don’t Go Anywhere Else

“Great to work with an organisation that truly understands the world of a consultant. They have helped me secure many opportunities over the years. Don’t go anywhere else if you are a seasoned professional looking to work with similar.”


 L. Turner

Information Security Consultant

Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly

“An excellent organisation if you are struggling to find top quality consultants. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly, and have continuously helped us meet our project needs and deadlines.”

Professional Services Organisation

Head of Consultancy

Delighted With The Training Received

“We were delighted with the Delivering Security Assurance course run by Cyber Smart Consulting to support the upskilling of our Project Managers. The trainer was obviously an expert in delivering secure IT systems and knew our business really well. I provided him with the issues most important to us prior to the course along with information on our operating model. He used this information to fully engage my team’s’ interest and stimulate highly productive discussion in the group. Feedback from the course rated the quality of the course material and the overall presentation very highly – attendees felt their skills and understanding had been significantly improved. And, importantly, they enjoyed it!”

Head of Information Security

IT Service Provider

Highly Professional & Highly Effective

“Cyber Smart’s consultants proved highly effective in assisting with the development of our cloud first roadmap. Their services have always been in tune with our needs, highly professional, delivered on time and with very good outcomes.”

Transformation Director

Financial Organisation

First Class Service

“My experience of working with Cyber Smart Consulting was first class. Their team was responsive and always flexible as our needs changed. They have an excellent understanding of the market and specialist skills requirements. They provided us with top quality professionals that have added significant value to our business. We will continue to use them as a source for highly qualified consultants.”

Chief Operations Officer

Government Strategic Partner

Always Go The Extra Mile

“The Cyber Smart Team have been working with our technology partner’s cloud development teams where they have been making improvements to our change organisation’s DevOps model whilst also supporting technical change activities for projects. They always go the extra mile dedicating a great deal of time ensuring high quality and trusted reporting that really helps our decision making.”

Product Group Owner

Financial Services Organisation